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When working people vote, we all win.

We’re electing pro-worker candidates.

When working people vote for candidates who share our values, we translate power at the ballot box in to power at the bargaining table. With every ballot cast, we build a stronger labor movement in our community.

*View the Working Families Council’s full list of 2018 early endorsements here.

Prop I: Minimum Wage Increase and Earned Sick Days

  • YES (193,300)
  • NO (109,500)

We’re advocating for worker-friendly public policy.  

Working people don’t vote for tax breaks for wealthy corporations or CEOs. We vote for candidates and policies that will make our neighborhoods safe and our communities strong. We vote for affordable housing, safe transportation, just immigration reforms and economic policies that help our families make ends meet. Policies like Proposition I, which raised the minimum wage and provided earned sick days to hundreds of thousands of local workers  last summer. 

We’re getting out the vote for working families.

Nearly 25% of all San Diego County residents are not currently registered to vote. Voting is a democratic right and every citizen’s responsibility. Working people have proven time and again that when we organize and take action to get out the vote, we can build an economy that works for all San Diegans.